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Pirates Vs. Dinosaurs out now!

The first novel in the Captain Matchlock Adventure series sees the pirate crew shipwrecked on an island inhabited by deadly dinosaurs, primitive humans and a rival crew out for blood. The Captain Matchlock Adventures are pulp, fantasy adventures featuring colourful characters, monsters, steam powered inventions and non-stop action!

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Kickstarter on its way!

Ultimate Radiation Bot Robobagglar will soon have its first kickstarter! We’re hoping to raise enough capital to do a print run and get Robobagglar into the hands of overseas readers.

In these crazy times, we need a bit of escapism. What better way to escape than to get emotionally invested in fictional characters as they pummel each other in giant robots?

The new edition of Robobagglar will have improved effects and editing and be accompanied by a slew of merchandise and exclusive offers. Follow this page for more updates!

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Robobagglar Issue #3 on its way

Issue #3 of Robobagglar has been inked and is currently in the process of being coloured. As you can imagine, it’s a long process with few exciting updates to share but we are still here grinding away on each series.

Also in the pipeline are Zyberpolis #2 (being coloured very slowly by yours truly), The Terror #1 (in B&W luckily) and I am just starting to put elements together to draw the first chapter of my China inspired sci fi adventure.

The second half of Flawless is nearly complete and should be available in a new printing with the first half by the end of the year, hopefully at Supanova Brisbane.

In other news, I hope to have my completed stories available on comixology in the near future for a low, low price.

As always, feel free to message us if you have any questions or want to say hi.


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Zettai Productions goes international!

China! We are coming!
For the first time the talent of myself (Nate Odger), Tom Kafa, Dhana Priyangga, Alper Gecgel and more will be on display (and for sale) at the Beijing Animation and Game Festival: IDO29.
Also, along for the ride are the popular Australian comics from Darren Koziol and the team at Dark Oz: Retro Sci-Fi and Decay.
I want to thank the team for their hard work translating and compiling our stories into a new format for the people of Beijing. We’ve all learnt a lot.
On this journey, we hope to represent Australian comics in a positive way and create a new audience for our stories. This is just the beginning! Wish us luck!

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Promo issue released!

We created this promotional issue with previews of our three upcoming projects to be released at Ozcomiccon. For $7 you get a limited edition B&W version with exclusive content and vouchers that will give you a discount on the final releases. Please support us. Your small contribution allows us to keep making art and telling stories. Contact us through Facebook or email to purchase!